The Writer-Producer

Patience Wieland enjoys a busy career as a writer, director and producer, and even fits in time to do a bit of voiceover.  “The War of the Worlds: 1968” is her third audio theatrical feature; she previously wrote and produced “Over Here, Over There”, an adaptation of the original half-hour 2009 production by Eric Somer and Meredith Ludwig, and co-wrote “The Black Cat” for the 2009 National Audio Theatre Festivals, which she also directed.

She is co-chair and film organizer for the upcoming Veterans in Our Community Festival, which premieres November 11th in Houston, and features several Hollywood and documentary films, including the Houston premiere of “SERVICE: When Women Come Marching Home,” and a guest appearance by director Laura Varela, who brings her documentary “American Veteranos: As Long as I Remember.”  An audio performance of “Over Here, Over There”, written and produced by Wieland, will be performed November 13th with many of the same cast members featured in “Houston: 1968”.

The granddaughter of an early radio performer, Lillian Flosbach, an opera singer who performed lieder weekly on one of the first regular radio shows, WOR’s “Pure Food Hour,” Wieland discovered audio drama through a record of Orson Welles’ “The War of the Worlds”.  She has been a persistent advocate of modern audio drama and historic “old time radio”; in August 2013, she was the guest host and curator of “Radio Drama Revival,” a podcast which has enjoyed over 1 million cumulative downloads.

A child actor in community theatre, her interest moved from performing to production after she watched Ken Burns’ “The Civil War”. Learning that Burns was from the same town, and had gone to the high school down the street, she investigated Hampshire College, Burns’ alma mater, where she received a bachelors’ degree in Film and Multimedia. She previously coproduced a Canadian film series and seminar, with special guests Guy Maddin and Noam Gonick premiering their films in Northampton, Massachusetts, and taught a winter seminar on Film and History.  

She is a San Diego Press Club award-winner for her written work. Her bylines include Montreal Gazette, Strange Horizons, Old California Gazette, Mature Focus, educational magazine Appleseeds,  indie music magazines Ella and XX Sound, and The Valley Advocate (CA). Her literary credits include Parting Gifts, The Aurorean, The Coffee House (UK) and The Sigurd Journal, which also published her work. Her award-winning, 1990s website She’s Got the Beat was one of the first to chronicle women’s role in popular music. She is a former managing editor of, and former contributing editor for the educational website Inventors Network.